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Life without food

Inedia, Bretharianism, Bigu, life without food are the synonyms.

20 years ago Jasmuheen started disseminating around the world an idea about bretharianism. Many hundred thousand of people became aware about hidden human capabilities.   However her version of transition to prana was too mystified, which leads to contradictions and incomprehension.

Polish bretharian Joahimm Verdin wrote his book “Life without food”. After many people have read it this phrase became popular in web-forums and conferences.

In the Eastern culture there is a special word “Bigu”. It comprises 3 categories  of inedia processes:

1. Bigu with fruit consumption

2. Bigu with water/juice consumption

3. Dry Bigu

There are just several ways known in the world how to become bretharian:

  1. By Jasmuheen – 7 days of fasting and 2 weeks of juice consumption
  2. Sun gazing as a nutrition
  3. Idea that if you are on raw food you may become a bretharian. In fact it is not a technology. There are a lot of those who eat raw food but there are just few bretharians among them.
  4. A technology that deserves attention: a 2-week program developed by Camila and Akahi – experienced bretharians (3 years on prana). Their  technology is based on detoxication and affirmations.
  5. My technology. Reasanobly I can say that my technology is the most effective in the world. This method is strongly adjusted to human physiology, it is NOT based on dry fasting, affirmations, any special forcing, initiations, mystical tuning or consumption of drugs or psychotropic substances.

Our organism tunes itself. There is no need in water or food. Everything happens in a natural way.

From the first day of training you will jump to a second level of Bigu, i.e. you will stop consuming water and food without any danger for your physical and mental health.

This method consists of two points:

  1. To be sure that our organism do not need any food. It is a direct transition to prana.
  2. To perform a deep detoxification of organism with natural products.

These products have no relation to MLM or something like this. There is an important factor: for each person there should be an individual detoxification schedule depending on his/her personal health and mind condition, based on properties of vegetables and fruits and understanding processes that take place in organism during the transition.
Also this system will be very useful for those who want to become vegetarian, vegan, go for raw diet and so on but who do not have a goal to live on Light. They will have the desirable result. People who have to take medicines (diabetics etc) also can use this method.
From my point of view the main part of the question is connected with detoxication period. It is important to make this process stable.


Duration of detoxification is very individual. It depends on your age, health condition, chemicals and drugs that accumulated in your body.

Besides this system takes into account your life style:

—         Part-time or full-time employment

—         Your weight – the program is useful for those who are underweight and overweight.

During several months after this training I will be in contact with you to give different recommendations to make your condition stable.

For those who have passed this training there is a special hidden section on our forum, where people share their results, create groups to help beginners and even find soulmates!
Main topics:

Desire to live and a destructive program leading to death

Differences between bretharianism and fasting

Society, family

Psychological troubles – “you should it”

Weight stabilizing

Program for those who are underweight

Program for those who work at office or somewhere

Sport and exercises

Detoxification – programs that will purify your  body

Crisis during purifying

Cold and thermal regulation

Possible failures, “food psychosis” and how to cope with it

Delusions and idealizations