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Pranic breathing

Nowadays there are a lot of breathing workshops and practical trainings on the esoteric market. They have a beautiful and attractive advertisement which promises you a lot of positive changes in your life. Very often pranic breathing is mentioned when we speak about re birthing and zone of free breathing. However there is no connection with pranic breathing.

By analogy with inedia – pranic breathing means that you do not have any need to breath! Despite the fact that it sounds scary there is nothing to be worry about. It safe and natural.

It is not a technology or method or training.
In my previous texts I have used very often this phrase: “natural process”.

Transition to prana is the first step to understand your deep nature.

Our universe opens its hidden doors where you will find the great mysteries. One of such mystery is the question – «Who am I?» Mind, body, ideas, emotions, god-like eternal entity? Or maybe I am the Consciousness that appears as Light?

Or I am NOTHING that is aware of myself by means of manifestation?

External signs of physical breath (movements of ribs and stomach)  are the signs of chronicle self-destructive processes in your body. It is the reflection of energetic disbalance and anxiety of your mind.

Most of the people inhale and exhale about 24-26 times/minute. Bretharians notice some changes in the breathing process. For example Zinaida Baranova (a famous Russian breatharian) breathes just 2-3 times a minute. And it is not the limit.

1 level:

The goal of this course is to become  a master of yourself. You will be able to understand your own processes in any sphere of your interest.

If you are interested in health, physical endurance, transition to the new way of nutrition, you will understand what exactly you need. You will develop a great intuition confirmed by objective evaluation of your progress and you will avoid some widespread mistakes.

Breathing training allows to start up inner fire that is known in Eastern traditions as Tummo. It will eliminate all misbalances and suppressions in the physical body, energy body and mind. This will exclude possible failures and discomforts, will balance thermal regulation. These troubles are widespread among vegans and raw-foodists.
Spiritual traditions that transfer experiencing of understanding “I AM” are based on breathing and meditation techniques.

Breathing  is the linking point in understanding that body, mind and consciousness are  One and Universal .
In fact this advertising cannot show the main idea. There are just some words that everybody understands according to personal experience and the point of view. Logical understanding will not launch transformation processes and will not give an end to illusions.

From my point of view breathing workshop is far more important than the others. I invite you here to share with me the happiness and irradiation of being in the full awareness.

Course lasts 4 days.

2 level
It is based on the material from the 1 level and it will lead to a direct transition to a Light breathing.
This means that you will escape from dependence of the human form. Processes will be stabilized on the cellular level.

To be honest it is useless to explain it here))))

Course lasts 7 days, 2 hours a day.

3 level
A full stop of physical breathing. All structures and bodies will be synchronized starting from physical level and ending in spiritual forms.

According to your desire a physical immortality or Ascension will happen to you.

Course lasts 7 full days