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Tantric Sex

After the transition to inedia your sensitivity will become very acute.

This can be explained by the relaxation of the nervous system, the susceptibility of the mind to the finer vibrations and excitation energy structures in general.
All religious systems define sexual energy as a driving force in the way of spiritual growth.
In some traditions it is recommended to save it — celibacy.
In other traditions it is recommended to increase and redirect it.
Inedia rejuvenates the body and revitalizes and purifies the sex center. This is a natural process.
Activated and properly directed sexual energy regenerates the physical body if there are possible dysfunctions.
Moving up to the top through the energy channels it is transformed into the energy of Love and Compassion.
When it reaches the top of the head it awakens the spiritual mind and give a start to merging with the divine source.

In «Sexual Tantra» workshop you will find:

Indian (yogic and tantric), Dao – Chinese, Egyptian practices for developing of sexual energy.
In many ways they are similar and complement each other.
In the traditional teachings practices consist of three areas:
exercises for body
energetic exercise
working with the mind

Understanding your sexuality opens areas that are unusual for the point of view of the majority of people.
Love in the Pair is the key, but also you should possess some knowledge. And it is not related to the ideas of how to direct the energy and where to direct it.
With the new flow of energy you will open a new way of thinking then you will SEE.
Sex is so attractive by the opportunity to forget just for one moment about the «I», to relax (and  dissolve) in the feeling of bliss.
If the pair is lucky and they truly are ready to move along, opening of tantric relationship will happen to certain steps:

1) Where this journey begins: from a mutual commitment to your partner.
It sounds very simple — to put the interests and partner superior, higher than yours. (In each religion it is main practice).
In Buddhism, Sadhana – commitment to Teacher
in Christianity — repentance, etc.

2) 99% of the people have a blocked sexual energy.
Even if a person feels it and if he is sexually active, it does not mean that he can use its potential. It is necessary to disclose the sex center, to allow the free flow of energy go upward and  not deplete with fluor.
Imagine the image of the DNA helix.
Downward line is death wish, the rising line is desire for life. And energy flow, releasing of the seed is the desire to fulfill the task of procreation and death. Moving to the top is the path of self-realization.

3) Sexual feelings are translated from the genitals to the entire body, extending the ecstasy to every cell.

4) Learn to really feel the flow of energy in you and in your partner.

5) Learn how to interact energetically with your partner

6) Go to the phase when the process in the body becomes permanent (transformational) regardless of the action.

7) Sealing the energy structures, a person begins to feel (very real as on physical level) him/herself both a man and a woman. Clearly tangible functional organs of the opposite sex will appear. It is a wonderful stage when a couple can enjoy these benefits. Few people reach this level.
This is not a role-playing game. And the task of passing the stage is not to experience homosexual relationships. This allows you to thoroughly examine yourself  in previously inaccessible aspects. The man opening his latent potential of female, sees the corners of the subconscious that previously were not available and removes deep-seated tension.
Experiencing orgasm as a woman, taking a part of the woman in yourself, he or she will remove the limitations of the mind and ideas of themselves as the specifics of the body. Rigid notions of gender will blur. You will have a stable experience of your bisexuality (ambisexuality).

After the 7 stage naturally comes the understanding that we are out of gender. And this means the spilling of the image of youself as a person.
The first merging of inner masculine and feminine occurs in the body. The birth of «spiritual being».  At this stage it is important to be able to stabilize the mind.
After this some miracles (siddha) and paranormal abilities will be awaken.
Transformation is the ability of cells to pass higher frequency radiation. And of course we realize emptiness of matter.

9) Feeling the inner pulse of life, a spiritual being connects to the pulsating of creative force of the universe.

10) Sex is not limited to body-energy space.
Wonderful variety of sensations out of body sex, for example on the astral level.

11) Bliss, clarity, emptiness, what is called enlightenment.

Passing the workshop, you can choose the best direction.
People come to the workshop with different goals, so the result of learning is different.

«What will you get in the course?».

1 day. Assimilation of the material and adaptation to new experiences.

2 day  is dedicated to the practice of yoga.
It’s more of the solo sessions, techniques for working with the chakras.

Day 3  — dual Tantric techniques designed to harmonize relations of partners through which people come to love God

4 to 5 day — course of Taoism
The man learns to maintain an erection for as long as he wishes, and to abstain from ejaculation.
Multiorgasm is trained.
This potential is used to improve health.
In pair sexual energy is transformed into spiritual.
The woman learn how to keep and increase vitality.
Understand additional features of their physiology
Learn to transform sexuality into higher forms of love
If you do not have a partner there will be solo practices for you. They allow to awaken your sexual energy and creativity or enjoy good health without the hassles of sexual frustration.

Day 6: The Egyptian art of love. I will show an absolutely unexpected approach to sexual relations in general.

Day 7 — astral sexual interaction with a partner.

In addition to information on how to work in astral body, there will be presented interaction in pair in out of body space.

The workshop is conducted in proper form, without physical sexual contact and without need to take off the clothes!

Duration is 7 days, in a time convenient for the participants.