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25 years of my search was aimed at enlightenment.

During all this time I was in close contact with a various enlightenment Masters, held «retreats» and «satsangs»; studied a lot of literature.

I laid the foundation, I pass «the Way» . And the fruit is ripe.

18 September of 2011 in one moment was broken the idea: «I am — a personality»

Can we call enlightenment — the event? Definitely not!

Spontaneity manifestation of «all of this»(all the things), a fact of life, the nature of the mind … It is always present. In every moment of the present.

Here and now.

Everything became clear and understandable. The idea of the Unenlightened and «the need of searching», an illusion of misunderstanding and lack of vision.

The duality of the perception of «I and the world», the idea which from I so many years trying to get rid of, was detect as nonexistent . Naturally, how to get rid of something that had never existed!

Thoughts flashed one after another:

– And what ? This is enlightenment?
– So simple?
– Maybe there is something else?
– And what I was looking for a quarter century?

Thoughts was come and gone.

Changed my feelings and sensations.

Thoughts — thread started to subside.

After 2 months internal dialogue ceased.

What’s left?

Banality? Fact!

Awareness of the present moment, in which the perception recognizes manifestation existence.

What gives enlightenment:

– absence misconceptions about life and the universe as a whole
– Awareness of the Mind and the interaction of its parts
– Finding real source of yourself «I am»

Teachers say: «The whole search, only in the mind. We are looking yourself. »

You heard it many times. But the snag is that often, enlightened describe the effects of enlightenment and do not provide clear instructions — so what, in fact, we need to find out?

I had a desire to thoroughly understand how to stop searching ? Why minute ago I thought I was unenlightened and suddenly … the concept fell apart.

During the research question, became apparent stages of awareness.

Thus was created the Technology of enlightenment.

At the site and in the YouTube posted 1 day seminar, which distinctly explains the technology and visible the result — group consciousness enlightenment.

Such an approach may seem extraordinary.

How this is the » group aimed enlightenment» ?

This is made possible by the distinctly wording and explanation of the most common mistakes in practice.

The technology consists of the following stages:

1. Surveillance and detection mechanism of the work of mind
2. Direction of attention to the one who realizes this.

Plus a number of very simple but very effective techniques that maximize focus attention.

People was awaking consciousness — enlightenment, and they began to express this.

After watching the video many people report, that their long search path was ended, there was a realization.

Before the start of the seminar, I often spend a mini survey — what for the audience is meant by enlightenment. People expressed a variety of different assumptions.

People for years goes to the Masters, reading the books, but filtered all the words through them perceptions, often they distorting and mystifying.