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Olga Podorovskaya

My name is Olga Podorovskaya. I am a breatharian (non-eater, inediate). I created this website for people, wishing to change their lives.

Reading about breatharianism (non-eating), I supposed that it’s very difficult and available only for the chosen ones. Maybe not for the chosen ones, but not for me for sure. Now I get full satisfaction from the possibility to be free from food.

From today’s position – it is easy and naturally. I see everyone as breatharians, but people believe that they must eat to live. Very funny.

Talking about breatharianism at many forums, I understand that people think about the breatharianism only as a benefit: Saving personal funds, gain energy, desire not to feel hunger, desire to improve the health, desire to get immortality; desire to create new better planet Earth without grazing, farming and slaughterhouses.

Breatharianism is not the transfer or transformation. This is awareness

All that’s stopping you right now from becoming a breatharian are the ideas and images of yourself.

I don’t use Jasmuheen 21 day`s transfer method, initiations or resonating vibrations method; don’t use looking at the sun, a diet, or a system of vegetarianism or veganism

Breatharianism is not a rejection of products, not asceticism or anorexia.

In fact there is no transfer.

First of all I understand that Breatharianism is already laid in my cellular memory. And  thought or idea: «I must eat physical food» (with all its consequences) comes just because this is the habit.

«Transfer» is recognized immediately.

Appears quite different perception of yourself.